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Team Learning Community

This international Team Learning Community emerged from rich dialogue, shared values, and a love of the positive impact that learning with others can have on all those involved.  Just like the telling of a story, once the word is spoken with others, the story stops being yours and instead belongs to everyone.  Team Learning Community embodies this idea.  Created as a space to share, celebrate, learn, work and play together, this platform is your vehicle to create and connect with others.



core team

Team Learning Community exists because of the drive and desire for connection that all those who have joined in some capacity have shown.  There are some 'core' members who you can connect with if you want to get involved and create the future direction for this community.

Dr Elinor Vettraino - based at Aston University, UK

Taru Nurmula - based at Proakatemia, TAMK, Finland

Sophia Koustas - based at Southern New Hampshire University, USA

Adrian Rivers - based at University of West of England, UK

Timo Nevalainen - based at Proakatemia, TAMK, Finland

Veijo Hamalainen - based at Proakatemia, TAMK, Finland

Hanna Saraketo - based at Proakatemia, TAMK, Finland

Olga Bourachnikova - based at Team Academy Strasbourg, France

Peter Tasi - based at Team Academy Bremerhaven, Germany

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